EXEL CHILL! X 2.5 YL 101cm RD SB


Exel stick designed to be very light and precisely balanced yet firm due to the DIMPLE CARBON KEVLAR shaft.


WAS $187.00. Your saving is $40.00!

The DIMPLE technology enhances a torsion stiffness and increases shot hardness and shot reaction time.This technology provides ideal balance for the shaft and it has more accurate Kick point – giving max energy into the shot.

Specially shaped surface has a better aerodynamic resistance and it’s lighter and firmer thanks to compressed pressuring which improves shooting as well as overall technique with ball.

Stick is equipped with a two parts grip. One piece dimpled grip in lower part for max secured holding and easily exchangeable wrapped around top part allowing easy shortening of stick and grip replacement.

X-BLADE blade has been developed by combining CHILL and MEGALOMANIAC blades by using the best of each of them. It’s pre-curved and the tip can be easily shaped. This blade is perfect for any type of shot including a backhand shot. Thanks to its shape the ball control couldn’t be any easier.

Recommendation: Elite players who don’t want to compromise between shooting and technique.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 105 × 35 × 5 cm
Stick Side


Blade Stiffness


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